One Month After LA Leadership Week: The Impact Continues to Resonate Globally


Los Angeles, CA — One month following the LA Leadership Week, the event’s influence continues to expand, now reaching well over one million views globally. Hosted by the Los Angeles Tribune, this conference has been celebrated for presenting “the greatest lineup in personal development history.” Speakers such as Guy Kawasaki, Larry Holmes, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Sharon Lechter, Russell Brunson, Tai Lopez, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Forbes Riley, Joe Vitale, Brad Lea, and Robert Cialdini offered unparalleled insights across various domains.

The diverse expertise of speakers like Guy Kawasaki, who shared innovative marketing strategies, and Larry Holmes, who discussed resilience and perseverance, provided attendees with valuable tools for personal and professional growth. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants applying these insights globally, fostering change and innovation in their respective fields.

Moe Rock, CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune, reflected on the event’s lasting impact: “The knowledge shared during LA Leadership Week has ignited a global conversation that continues to inspire and challenge individuals and organizations to excel. We are already preparing for next year, aiming to reach even more people and continue this movement of transformational leadership.”

As the legacy of LA Leadership Week grows, the Los Angeles Tribune remains dedicated to enriching the discourse on leadership and personal development, ensuring that the event remains a vital source of inspiration for global audiences for years to come.

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