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If you’re looking to bring some shade and privacy into your home, getting some smart shades is recommended. For those of you who don’t know what smart shades or smart blinds are, these are special types of blinds or curtains that are fully motorized and automated.

Furthermore, they contain smart features that allow you to connect them to various smart home systems, such as Google, Alexa, and others. Thanks to their impressive features and huge selection, the remote control shades from BlindsMagic have quickly gained popularity. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly you can expect with these motorized shades.

What Are BlindsMagic Smart Shades?

BlindsMagic smart shades are a very special and advanced type of window covering that integrate with all of the most popular smart home systems. 

These are electric shades that can be controlled remotely using either a remote control or your smart home system. With just the touch of a button or even just your own voice, you can easily lower and raise these blinds to provide your home with as much light and privacy as you see fit.

These are shades that come complete with a motorized system that can be controlled with smartphone apps, smart home assistance, and remote control. They work with Homekit, Alexa, and more. As we will take a closer look at further below, there are actually many different smart home assistants that are compatible with the smart motorized shades from BlindsMagic.

Why Choose BlindsMagic Smart Blinds?

There are a few key reasons why you might want to choose motorized shades from BlindsMagic, so let’s figure out what those reasons are.

Nearly Endless Selection

Something that many people will appreciate about the remote window shades available from BlindsMagic is that the selection is nearly endless. First and foremost, there are many different sizes to choose from. You can customize these blinds to fit windows anywhere from 16 to 106 inches, both in width and height.

Furthermore, there are many different materials and colors to choose from to suit the inner decor of your home. For instance, there are opaque and translucent shades available, so you can choose exactly how much light gets let into your home. Between all the different blackout and light-filtering options, as well as the different colors available, the selection should be more than enough to suit your needs.

Pairing the Remote Control is Easy

A problem that many people have with other smart shades is that comparing the remote control can be quite difficult. There are many motorized blinds out there that require a relatively difficult and lengthy setup process, especially when it comes to pairing that remote. However, this is not the case with the BlindsMagic blinds, because pairing the remote with the system is as easy as it gets.

There are clear instructions included with the product, and it takes just a couple of seconds to pair the remote to the shades. The simple fact is that you don’t have to be tech savvy or knowledgeable with technology to install these blinds or pair them with the remote.

Great Batteries

Another one of the biggest benefits that stands out with these electric window shades is that they have batteries and don’t need to be plugged into an AC power source. Having batteries and not having any exposed wires means that these smart shades look nice and are safe for kids and pets as well.

The batteries can be charged with the included USB-C port, and the indicator light will blink while the unit is charging. The batteries are also very long lasting, so you don’t need to charge your motorized shades very often.

Many Motor Options with BlindsMagic

The defining feature of these smart shades is of course that they are motorized, hence why they are called motorized shades. We already mentioned how they smoothly integrate with a variety of smart home assistants. 

With that being said, you need to choose the right type of shade with the right motor so you can connect it with your assistant. Certain motors are compatible with certain home assistants. Let’s take a quick look at all the different options available.

Standard Motor

The first option you have is the standard motor. This does not allow you to integrate with your smart home system. If you want motorized shades, and you just want to use the remote control, then this option is for you.

Alexa Motor

If you happen to be a fan of Amazon Alexa, then the Amazon Alexa motor available with BlindsMagic it’s rather perfect for you. Alexa enabled devices can be used to provide voice commands to these shades. 

You can tell Alexa to close and open them, adjust the position, and even create schedules. That’s right, you can automate the opening and closing of these shades for convenience. At this time, Alexa smart shades are some of the most popular of all. 

SmartThings Motor from Samsung

If your smart home setup is focused around the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem, the BlindsMagic has motors compatible with this as well. There are many compatible devices and of course the application itself that can be used to control the blinds. You can create custom automation routines, sync the operation of your shades with various other smart devices, and much more.

Google Motor

For people who use Google Home as their smart assistant, this is another option you have at your disposal as far as the motorized shades from BlindsMagic are concerned. By using Google Assistant, you can provide these shades with simple voice commands to open and close them, create a schedule, and more.

Zigbee Motor

BlindsMagic also has motors that are compatible with the Zigbee Ecosystem. Zigbee is compatible with many devices and hubs. It’s a common communication protocol that many smart home devices use. It’s known for having low power consumption and for being very reliable. Zigbee roller shades are very easy to use! 

Homekit Motor

If you like using Apple products, such as an Apple Watch, an iPad, or an iPhone, then the BlindsMagic motorized shades with the Apple Homekit motor is the way to go. This allows you to use the Home app or your Siri app to provide the shades with voice commands. Voice control shades certainly make life a lot easier! 

It’s worth noting that the homekit motors are very thin, but that doesn’t mean that Hometik motors are bad. Quite the contrary the Homekit motors are excellent and are very easy to pair with the smart home app. Other motors require a hub, but the Homekit only requires a code to be scanned.

Home Assistant Motor

Finally, there is also the Home Assistant motor. Home Assistant is yet another popular smart home ecosystem which the BlindsMagic roller shades are compatible with.

Final Thoughts on BlindsMagic Smart Shades

The simple fact is that there are many reasons to choose BlindsMagic electronic window shades over others. They are durable, have great battery life, are easy to install, and come in about as many options as you could possibly imagine. The fact that there are so many motors compatible with a variety of smartphone ecosystems is just the icing on the cake.

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